How It Works

The Veterans Realty Network connects the men and women who protect and serve our country to qualified fellow veteran realtors nationwide. If you’re on the move, we’ve got your six by finding you a veteran realtor that knows and understands the moving process while in the service. Just simply click on the buyers and sellers tab and fill out the form and we’ll do the rest. Once the form has been filled out, one of our very own veteran agents will contact you and connect you with a fellow veteran agent anywhere in the country.

If you are a veteran or former first-responder who is now a qualified agent feel free to to fill out the form under the agents tab and we’ll connect you to a buyer and seller in your area. Once you have filled out the form, one of our fellow veteran agents will contact you with the details on the buyers and sellers in your area so you are familiar with them from day one. After closing, we will take a 10% portion of our proceeds and donate to the Wounded Warrior Project or any other military or first-responders charity of your choice.

Not a veteran or first-responder?

No worries, we accept any and all friends and family members of our fellow veterans and first-responders as buyers, sellers and agents. Simply fill out the forms under the desired tab and we’ll get you connected!

Thank you all for your serving our amazing country!

Simple Step by step process


If you are a buyer or seller, simply fill out the form under the buyer & seller tab. If you are an agent simply fill out the form under the agents tab.

search and find

Once you fill out the desired form, one of our veterans will get in touch with you. When the proper information has been gathered we'll find the perfect veteran agent or client in your area for you.

zero in on target

When the search has been completed, we will set up the connection between the agent and client. The agent and client will then work together to target the perfect home.

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